Staff Development

Issue 1, Dec 2015

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Welcome to the first issue of The Sheffield College Staff Development flyer!

This flyer aims to share:

  • The latest in staff development news

  • Reminders about key development information

  • Ideas to explore to support your personal and professional development

Let us know your views!

What do you want from development activities? What has worked best for your learning in the past? What hasn’t worked well for you in the past? What great ideas about development activities do you have?

Click here to share your thought and ideas.

Staff Development Team

The staff development team can be found in WG15 City Campus and can help with:

  • Applications to attend development activities
  • Development requests for teams and individuals
  • Induction for new staff
  • Pre-retirement events
  • and much, much more!

The team can be emailed at

All of the information about how to apply for development opportunities can be found on our hub page. If you're applying to attend an event, please aim to get your application form to us as soon as possible so that the event doesn't get full before you've had a chance to book-in! You must ensure that you’ve received approval from your line manager prior to applying as well as ensuring that you have read the staff development guidelines.

These can be downloaded in PDF format, if desired, from here.

Have you engaged in a development activity this term?

If you've engaged in a development activity this term, then you'll need to complete our 'sharing good practice document.'

Please click here to access it.


The completion of this table enables the staff development team to see the reach and success of development activities. It also allows us to begin to identify the possible impact of development activities and can therefore inform future opportunities for other staff.

Are you planning a development activity for colleagues?

Firstly, thank you! It's great that you're generously giving your time to facilitate learning for your colleagues.

Please now follow this set of actions to ensure that we don't miss anything:

  1. Email and let us know the date, time and venue for the event.
  2. Ensure that we receive the attendance list no later than 7 days after the event.
  3. This list allows us to update central development records.
  4. Our new online evaluation forms can then be shared with participants.
  5. You will receive a copy of their evaluations (as facilitator) if you have indicated that you'd like to see them.

Making Verbal Feedback Work for Students

This blog is written as an analysis of verbal feedback and how to make it most effective. If we reflect upon how frequently we give feedback to learners, we'd probably find it's far more used than we may at first realise. Maximising the impact of this verbal feedback seems a sensible step. Why not take a look through the blog and share your views with colleagues too?

Read the blog here

Share your views here

15 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Needs

This blog outlines the 15 essential customer service skills that every employee should display and develop. Customers at college can be wide-ranging with very different demands and needs. How do you provide them with the best service? Why not take a look through the blog and then share your views with colleagues too?

Read the blog here

Share your views here

Wellbeing challenge

Leave a small surprise for someone to make their day!

Click here to view a daily wellbeing challenge for the festive season.

Keep updated

Join our Google+ community to find out all of the latest in staff development by clicking here (you may need to log into your college Google account in order to join).

Explore our staff development pages on the staff hub by clicking here.


Chris, Helen and Hannah would like to wish you all...
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