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Happy Friday!

While we have had some very sad news with not being able to return to our building this year, the faculty and staff were energized to see all of you at our Parking Lot Parade. We were touched by the outpouring of love and support that we witnessed first hand on Tuesday. It was wonderful to see all of you. We will be sending information as we have it as to when your children will be able to pick up their belongings from our classrooms.

As many of you know, today was the day our students were performing our school musical, Frozen, to us. We are truly disappointed, but, thankful that Mrs. Kingsbury is still able to pop in and out of your classrooms and have a music class!

While we are continuing to work to provide your children with quality instruction, please always remember we want to be sure that your social and emotional needs are met as well. Mrs. Tobias has kindly offered to help any students that need. Her letter is in this newsletter.

Now, onto our Family Friendly Fun Friday activity. Take the time to make a meal with your families. WE would also love to have those recipes. Please send your recipes onto your teachers and we will compile an Online St. Damian Quarantine Cookbook!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Parking Lot Parade Fun

From Mrs. Tobias

Dear St. Damian School Families,

I hope this email finds you safe and healthy. Unfortunately our traditional school year ended abruptly in March. Students and parents alike are adjusting to the challenges of social distancing,e-learning, and a disruption in routine.

All these changes can have an impact on our emotions, mood and energy level. This is a challenging time for everyone so if you have any concerns or updates you'd like to share please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Tobias

School Counselor

St. Damian School

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