Edmond Doyle News 2-18-2016

Thank you to everyone that has met with your child's teacher for a conference. Teachers are trying to speak with everyone, so if you have not arranged to visit with your child's teacher please make arrangements to see them this week. It really helps your child when they know that home and school are connected! Successful children do not just happen-they are guided by loving adults that give them help, love, discipline, and time. Most of our students are reaping the benefits of having all of these ingredients in their lives!

We will be sending home a parent survey with any student that has not had a parent complete one. If you would like to take the survey electronically, the site is www.surveymonkey.com/r/2BH56NF We appreciate your help in getting this done. Please know that as you fill out the survey, if you come across a question that raises a concern-please let us know. We want to make sure that any questions or concerns you have are addressed. We love your children and we want to make sure that the relationship between home and school is positive! Thanks for your feedback!

February is National Dental Month. On February 22nd, Dr. Wynn will be visiting our school to check teeth. If he has any concerns about your child's teeth, he will send home a note. Dental health is very important and brushing and flossing morning and night is one way we can make sure our children have beautiful, healthy smiles. We all know that nothing is more special than a child's smile-often those smiles make our day!

February has just been flying along! Thank you to everyone that contributed to our Valentine's parties by either sending snacks or coming to help. We all appreciate how wonderful you are to send things to school when we need help! Your children had a lot of fun at their parties. Love was certainly in the air, because your children love each other and we love all of them!

Third and fourth graders are really working hard getting ready for the OCCT we will take in April. It is very important that they get to school on time, have their homework completed, and get plenty of rest and good food. We want them to do their best and be their best! Thank you for encouraging your child to read, use math, and be healthy! With your help and support-Edmond Doyle can continue to shine!