Historical Fiction Progect

For Fourth Grade Teachers


Saxso is fourteen when the British attack his village. It’s 1759, and war is raging in the northeast between the British and the French, with the Abenaki people Saxso’s people by their side. Without enough warriors to defend their homes, Saxso’s village is burned to the ground. Many people are killed, but some, including Saxso’s mother and two sisters, are taken hostage. Now it’s up to Saxso, on his own, to track the raiders and bring his family back home before it’s too late.

The Warriors Lodge

One time Sasxo was in the Warriors Lodge there was birds and animals inciced in the roof. With my research I knew it was the Warriors Lodge.

Out Hunting

Sasxo but deer fur around his body for warmth when it was cold outside it helped everybody in the Indian Tribe that is why they hunted a lot.