Beloved Bottle Nosed Dolphins

By: Emily Linville

Your in for a real treat... Toady you as the readers, you get to learn about Bottle Nosed Dolphins! So stay tuned and don't swim away!

Bottle Nosed Dolphins can swim 3-7 miles per hour. However, if Bottle Nosed Dolphins try really hard... They can go 20 miles per hour!! ( now THAT'S fast!!)

Family and friends

We have family and friends just like Bottle Nosed Dolphins. But what exactly are considered friends and family to these interesting creaters? Well for starters, Bottle Nosed Dolphins like to stick together in a group called a "pod" or a "school." You know how everyone has there own special name. So do Bottle Nosed Dolphins, but what are they really called? First, male Bottle Nosed Dolphins are called "Bulls." Next, the mother Bottle Nosed Dolphins are called " Cows." Finally, the baby or child Bottle Nosed Dolphins are called " Calves." It's weird because the names for the Bottle Nosed Dolphin family can seem like a cow family!

Trick and Treat

I had an expiration with a Bottle Nosed Dolphin. It opened my eyes and ears. I got to here the Bottle Nosed Dolphin swim away, but what exactly does it sound like? First, Bottle Nosed Dolphins have burst pulse sounds. Next, Bottle Nosed Dolphins like to sing (that means they whistle). Finally, Bottle Nosed Dolphins like to use body movement. What I mean by body movement is snapping jaws, slapping there tails on the surface and evening butting there heads together. So next time you think it's hard to understand someone... Try understanding Bottle Nosed Dolphins!

How to train a Dolphin

Have you ever herd the saying "it's hard to teach a old dog a new trick?" Well same with Bottle Nosed Dolphins! It's starts when the Bottle Nosed Dolphins are young. Some tricks that Bottle Nosed Dolphins are tought are... Balance balls on their nose. Also, Bottle Nosed Dolphins learn how to jump through hoops. Finally, Bottle Nosed Dolphins learn how to let the trainers stand on there noses!! These are tricks that the Bottle Nosed Dolphin can do!!

Free food

What's your favorite food to eat? Well,Bottle Nosed Dolphins have their favorite food that they love just like you and me! First off, Bottle Nosed Dolphins favorite food is fish! Bottle Nosed Dolphins get rewarded with fish for doing a good job with trick tranning. Also, when Bottle Nosed Dolphins are out swimming around. So if you ever meet a Bottle Nosed Dolphin.... Give them a fish... Their favorite food! Some of their other favorite foods are squid, crusta ceans. Adults can eat up to 30 pounds a day... Wow, I would be stuffed like a shell! We chew our food... But on the other the other hand Bottle Nosed Dolphins swallow their pry whole.
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Dilly Dallies about Dolphins ( Bottle Nosed Dolphins to be exact.)

I bet you don't know the Bottle Nosed Dolphin's real official name is... It's Tursiops. Not only do they have that unique, scientific name they can also live up to an anstounding 50 years!

Male Bottle Nosed Dolphins they can weigh up to 19,000 pounds. Also, Bottle Nosed Dolphins are up to 8ft. I don't think they would fit on any scale!! Bottle Nosed Dolphins can also hold their breath for 7 minutes. If I even tried I would be dead. Now do you see how FUN Bottle Nosed Dolphins can be?

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The final countdown

Time is running out... There are not a lot of Bottle Nosed Dolpins left in the world because of YOU!! The amount of Bottle Nosed Dolpins left in our world is around 30 Bottle Nosed Dolphins! What can you do to help our environment... How can you prevent the trash from going into the ocean? How can you make a difference?
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