Hardware & Software

By Chloe Silvester

What Is Hardware & Software?


Hardware is the parts of a computer system you can physically touch. For example: the computer case, mouse, keyboard and many more.


Software is the parts of a computer system you can not physically touch. For example: Google, Windows, Microsoft and many more.


An input device is an object that tells something else what to do. For example: mouse, keyboard, microphone and many more.


An output device is an object that is used to communicate data. For example: monitor, speakers, a projector and many more.


A storage device is an object that can hold information and data. For example a USB, a CD, a Sim Card and many more.


Many people get confused between hardware and software. Also, many people don't know that their phone is hardware and the apps inside are software.

Different Types Of Hardware

Different Types Of Software


Some different types of hardware and software are better than others.

Facebook is an alternative app to Instagram; however Instagram is safer because you can be a private user on Instagram.

Firefox is a alternative app to Google Chrome; however Google Chrome is faster because it is newer.