Virtual Resume

Rickey Badwal


Academic Goal

SPECIFIC - I want to achieve a 90% average for semester two by the end of the school year, and to do this I will need to obtain and maintain above 90% in Science, Careers, Math, and Gym.

MEASURABLE - I will be able to track my progress by recording my marks in each classes, and inputting them into a mark book so I will be able to see where I am doing good and where I need to improve. Knowing this information, I will be able to motivate myself, and push myself to new limits to achieve greater marks. Also, I will ask my teachers to update me on my mark weekly, so I can track my progress until the end of the year.

ACTION - I will begin to push myself in each of my classes to obtain a 90% or above. In science, I will begin coming on time, by leaving my house at 8:25 am instead of 8:30, as I am usually late when I leave at 8:30. In careers, I will do my work more efficiently and use my class time wisely to complete all my work. I will complete the task at hand before I begin to socialize in the class, and will stop bringing my phone to the class, as it is a distraction. In math, I will separate myself from my friends, and focus more during lessons. Also, I will ask questions when I am confused to get a better understanding of the lessons, as I tend to figure things out by myself. In gym, I will pay attention to what the teacher is saying, and not interrupt him when he is talking. When we are learning about health, I will ensure that my friends are not a distraction, and will focus on what is being taught to the class. Overall, I will be a more responsible, respectful, and cooperative student, that demonstrates initiative through my learning. I will continue doing my work on time, and completing assignments to the best of my abilities. Also, I will continue studying and understanding units, so that I will score high marks on tests and quizzes. By doing all of these things, I am sure I will achieve a 90% average before the end of the school year.

REALISTIC - This goal is realistic and doable because I have already achieve, and am currently maintaining, an 88% average this semester. I will need to push myself further to achieve greater limits, and end the school year with a 90% average. In the future, by striving for this goal, I will be able to get into a good university, and pursue my chosen career.

TIME - I plan on achieving a 90% average and getting above 90's in all my courses this semester, by the end of the school year. I plan on receiving above 90's on all of my tests and plan on going 1% higher each month, until the end of the school year. I hope to have achieved a 90% average going into my final examinations starting near the end of June.

Voluntary Goal

SPECIFIC - I want to complete my 40 hours of community service at the Brampton Library before the beginning of the grade 11 school year.

MEASURABLE - I will be able to track my progress by recording my hours on my tracking sheet each time I go to volunteer at the library. I will be able to see how many hours I have completed and how many hours I will need to complete in order to achieve my goal.

ACTION - I will complete the rest of my hours by going to the Brampton Library, and I will be doing so by getting a ride from my brother. There I will be volunteering and doing everything they ask, to get my hours. I will stop being lazy sleeping by 11 pm, and waking up by 9 am, and going to the library to get my hours, little by little. Even the days where I feel tired and sleepy, I will force myself to get up, and if I am not able to, I will get my parents to forcefully wake me. I will begin a routine for myself that I will follow each day that I volunteer, consisting of sleeping times, waking times, and how many hours spent volunteering.

REALISTIC - This goal is realistic and doable because I have already completed 10 hours of community service, and will only need to complete 30 more in 4 months. I will need to begin volunteering each month so that I am able to slowly and calmly complete the 30 hours that are left.

TIME - I plan on completing my 40 hours of community service at the Brampton Library before the beginning of grade 11. I will need to complete 2 hours each weekend, which is 8 hours every month, to complete the 30 hours of community service left, by the end of summer.

Transitions and Change Video

Rickey Badwal





7 Bottle Brush Dr, Brampton, Ontario, L6R 2Z5



I am seeking employment at Excellinks Communications Inc. to fulfill a position as an accountant, presenting my strong skills and strengths, to benefit both the company and myself.


Louise Arbour Secondary School

OSSD | Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018

Wilfrid Laurier University

BBA | Waterloo, Ontario

September 2021 - April 2022

Work Experience

Kitchen Helper

Cooper's Pub | Mississauga, Ontario

  • Cut foods and chopped vegetables

  • Prepared dishes

  • Assisted with cleaning duties

  • Performed shelving and inventory tasks

July 2015 - December 2015


Varsity Ball Hockey Team

  • Blizzard Cup Champions

  • Sabre Cup Champions

  • Blizzard Cup MVP

April 2016 - May 2016

Volunteer Experience

NDP Political Party

NDP | Brampton, Ontario

  • Door to door campaigning

  • Posted signs and flyers in plaza's

November 2015

Skills and Abilities

  • Efficient Time Management

  • Hardworking

  • Leadership and Management Skills

  • Effective oral and written communication skills

  • Reliability

  • Teamwork and Cooperative Skills

  • Listening and Observing Skills

  • Excellent Organization

  • Decision making skills

  • Positive attitude and behaviour

  • Strong work ethic


Grade 9 Honours

June 2015


Making Waves Swim School

August 2012

Hobbies and Interests

  • Movies

  • Music

  • Hockey


Philip Shepard, Tuck Shop Manager, Sunny View Middle School, 905-789-1707

Amarjit Singh, Manager, Cooper's Pub, 4167206021

Challenges and Solutions: Accountant

Deadlines are one of the biggest challenges facing accountants, as it is very important and vital, that accountants meet them on time. At the end of each month, accountants prepare financial statements for businesses, and complete them by the deadline. This puts pressure on accounts to make sure all transactions are as accurate as possible, with a lot of detail, before their deadline. This can lead to other internal issues such as stress, as accountants are heavily relied upon by businesses. You or businesses may even get fined if the financial statement is not prepared on time, putting even more pressure on accountants to get their job done, as quickly and accurately as possible. To deal with this challenge, accountants must not procrastinate, and leave their work to the last minute, because the workload along with the amount of time given, and precision needed, can cause tremendous amount of stress. Accounts can record transactions throughout the whole month, slowly completing financial statements. This way, accounts will even out their workload, and will be able to complete their work accurately, as well as on time.

Consistency and accuracy is another challenge facing accountants, as transactions must be recorded as accurately and precisely as possible. If they are not, business will have the incorrect data of their business’ financial state, which can lead to failed establishments, and lawsuits and fines from frustrated clients. This puts pressure on accountants to accurately record transactions, making no mistakes, which can cause stress. The business becomes dependent on the account to get the job done without mistakes, but also as fast as possible, which may be too much weight for an person to handle. To deal with this challenge, accountants must do their work efficiently, with no distractions. Distractions can lead to mistakes made, so it is very important that accountants keep their focus on consistency and accuracy. Accountants should not procrastinate, as procrastination leads to rushing to get work done, resulting in mistakes made due to a lack of consistency and accuracy. By paying attention to their work, and not pushing it until the last minute, accountants will be able to overcome the challenge of consistency and accuracy.