Pocahontas the Wonderful

By:Richele Applequist


Pocahontas was a nice Indein girl who helped others.She loved to clime trees and running races.Pocahontas begged her father not to kill John Smith.Pocahontas had marred John Rolfe on errly age of her life.Pocahontas was not only cuoreus but she was very active and fun loving.

Chapter #1 Pocahontas's Early Life

Let me tell you about a young Indein girl named pocahontas and how she enjoyed her life.The name pocahontas means playful one.Every one loved her because she was playful and kind.She wold run races and climed trees.She wold challenge young men to do hand springs.Pocahontas helped the Jame's town people and become frends.I hope you enjoyed reding my first chapter there are two more chapters.

Chapter #2 Pocahontas Saves John Smith

John Smith was caught by two Native Americens".They put him on some large stones and raised their hands and clubs to kill him.pocahontas quickly threw herself on to John Smith and saved John Smith's life by begging her father not to kill him so they let him go.No one ever found out if they really wouted to kill John Smith.there is one more chapter.

Chapter #3 Pocahontas Makes Peace

Pocahontas married John Rolfe in 1614.She met him wile she was living with the English.She first started living with them because they took her after her father took the English men and wold'ent let them leave.Pocahontas and John Rolfe had a son,and this was the the start of a new peace between each other's people.They did not fight any more at all.


Pocahontas loved life and loved having fun.She did not want to hurt any one and she did not want others to hurt any one. She helped bring peace between the English and Native Americans.Pocahontas was vary brave.Pocahontas married John Rolfe.She had a family of 3 people living in the house her self,John Rolfe,and her son.



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All About Richele Applequist

Richele Applequist has been in school for 6 years.She is 10 years old.She is in fifth grade she never got held back in school at all.She said 6 years because she had to go threw cinder garden.Her berth day is June#11 she wold have bean born July#18 the same day as her dad but she was born to soon.She has a family of 4 people 2 fish 2 snales 1 cat 1 kitten and 1 dog.