Avon School Newsletter

December Edition


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A huge thank you to Mrs. Keleman for putting on a wonderful holiday concert! The students did a great job! Also, thank you to Mr. Henretig for another amazing backdrop for the show and to all of the teachers that created the artwork and put together the hallway. It looks incredible!!

Santa Stops by for a Visit!

Santa made a surprise visit to Mrs. Ryan and Miss Sharp's classroom to read the book "Santa is coming to New Jersey." The students loved having this guest visitor and listening to the story!

Kindergarten Gingerbread Houses

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In math, the kindergarten students completed their shape unit with a gingerbread theme. During this unit of study the students read along to books such as, Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

As a culminating activity the kindergarten students, along with parent volunteers, made their own gingerbread houses. The children and parents discussed units of measurement while making their own icing from scratch. Next came the decorating- as the children decorated their houses they were encouraged to use ancillary skills such as patterns, measuring, and counting they have learned in math this year.

This was an educational, yet exciting activity in kindergarten. The gingerbread houses that resulted were amazing and a lively time was had by all involved.

Thank you from Mrs. Wood

To the Avon School Community:

It has finally happened. My hard work has paid off. I can now look forward to a lifetime of educating the minds of our youth. This adventure began for me in 2009, when I decided to go back to school and fulfill my dreams of becoming a teacher. Fast-forward a few years and that brings us to the present and more importantly, the end of my journey as a student myself, although I know I will continue to learn new things year after year as I grow in a classroom of my own. I was extremely fortunate to be placed at Avon Elementary School for clinical practice, A.K.A: Student Teaching.

I am no stranger to the Barrington school district as my step-children went to Avon and Woodland. I was beyond thrilled to know that I would be working for such a wonderful district for the duration of my time with Rowan University. The feeling that you get when you walk into Avon School consumes you immediately. It is a place of excitement where students come in smiling and ready to learn. The faculty at Avon creates an immense welcoming feeling for everyone that brings the students, teachers and the community together in a way that is indescribable. I am forever indebted to Avon Elementary School for my success as a teacher. Without so many helpful individuals, my student teaching experience would not have been as positive and rewarding.

I would first like to thank Mr. Arcodia for allowing me this opportunity and for opening the doors of Avon Elementary to me. I would also like to thank the many teachers that helped me through this journey. I have a new found respect for all teachers and that is especially true of the one teacher that has affected me the most throughout this process. If it wasn’t for her and her willingness to open her classroom door to me I may not have been as successful as I have been. I have an extreme amount of gratitude for Mrs. Sauer and her enthusiasm as a teacher. Her knowledge that she has bestowed upon me will never be forgotten. I have gained not only a colleague but a friend. I will never forget the amount of support and wisdom that she has shown me. I truly feel blessed to have been placed in such a warm and caring person’s classroom. Thank you Mrs. Sauer.

Lastly, I would like to thank the students. I have been truly lucky to have a wonderful class filled with so many different personalities, all amazing in their own way. I hope that they learned as much from me as I did from them. They are truly an amazing bunch. I know that they will grow and do amazing things in their future. I can’t thank them enough for accepting me into their classroom too.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me in any way. I am a different person, a better person and teacher and I have Avon Elementary School and community to thank! Best of luck to all the students and staff and thank you again!

With Sincere Gratitude,

Stephanie Wood

Avon Welcomes the Newest Nutri-Serve Staff

We would like to welcome the new staff from Nutri-Serve! Michelle, Dan, Barb, Heather, and Morgan have been wonderful and everyone at Avon is very appreciative of them.
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Giving Tree

Thank you for all of your support!! All scarves, gloves, hats, and coats have been dispersed to the Barrington Women's League. All items will be distributed to families in need in the Barrington community.

Have a Wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!! See you in 2016!!

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January 4th: School Reopens

January 6th: WPTG Meeting 7:00pm (Avon Media Center)

January 6th: 2nd Marking Period Interim Report Cards Posted

January 7th: BOE Meeting 7:30pm (Avon Media Center)

January 13th: 12:35pm Dismissal for Students

January 18th: School Closed (Martin Luther King Day

January 28th: End of 2nd Marking Period