Discussion Questions for this Sunday

Discussion Questions please see below

1. What really motivated Haman? [ Esther 3 v 2, 5-6; 3 v 8-9; 5 v 9, 12-14]

2. How would you describe Mordecai’s character? What was his greatest challenge? [Esther 2 v 10-11; 2 v 21-22; 4 v 1, 7-8; 13-14; 8 v 1-2]

3. Have you ever been in a situation like Mordecai when everything seemed against you, and disaster was inevitable, & God looked after you and protected you? What did it make you realise about God?

Please confirm you are able to lead a group we need at least 6 leaders who can meet and pray at 4.00 pm each Sunday

Special Meeting tonight

TAB 7.00 - 8.30 pm to talk and pray about 2016 Growth Strategy

Special Meeting on Sunday 3.30 pm

To discuss how we manage the food preparation and cleanup needs within the weekly Potluck Dinner decisions