Why Eminem Is My Favorite Musician

why i love eminem as a person

Eminem is strong. His dad abandoned him and his family when he was an infant. He had tried to call him plenty of times, but he ignored them. He was moving allot because his mom couldn't keep a job. They would move two to three times a year. He had no close friends and he was beat up by other class mates. He kept everything to himself, which he hated. So he wrote them in song lyrics. His mom emotionally and physically abused him. She was addicted to prescriptions. Eminem attended Lincoln high school where he failed 9th grade three times and eventually dropped out. The point is, he went through allot, and he is still a great person. He was brave and strong. That's why I love Eminem as a person.

why i love him as a singer

I love him as a singer because allot of his songs are about his life, and I'm a big fan of rap. And his songs are catchy. He puts allot in to his songs and he writes them on his own. He is a great singer.