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How often do we think of our homes as an evangelistic tool? How often do we invite our UNsaved friends over for dinner, dessert and coffee, outdoor fun, s'mores, etc.? Thank you, Pastor Hogg, for reminding us today that our home is a tool God has given us to bring people to HIs kingdom! Who could you invite over? A co-worker? A relative? Our hairdresser/barber? Our mail carrier? Hmmmm. Reread Luke 5:27. Will you be like Levi? The Pharisees? Jesus? or the Others? 77% of new followers come to Jesus from a friendship with a committed, caring, unembarrassed Christians.

Prayer Requests Nov. 4

  • Melissa - her mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, having lumpectomy the Wednesday after Thanksgiving at 1:30; cousin Tonja's father passes away
  • Dave - healing of the toe
  • Emily - Erica and Chris having financial struggles and dealing with depression; mom's heart is troubled
  • Ed - traveling over the next couple of weeks

Who do you know that is lost? Pray for an opportunity this week to be a witness.

Notes From Today's Lesson (my version...feel free to disagree or correct me)

Luke 5:27

Using our home to serve others

Are you most like: Levi, the Pharisees, Jesus, others?

77% of new followers came from a friendship with a committed, caring, unembarrassed Christian

Event evangelism challenges- generation today know less about the Bible; takes longer today for a person to become saved today, 7/10 new believers come to Christ slower than in the past, lost people have to attend an evangelistic event before they can hear it, people are more likely to attend if they have a relationship with us

Who is in your Jerusalem? See concentric circles handout, see list handout

Levi used his house as a resource

To influence others for the Gospel

Goal is to break down barriers between believers and non believers

Build relationships

Build connections

I missed a few points...couldn't type fast enough. Sorry.

Sunday School Christmas Party

Saturday, Dec. 8th 2012 at 6pm

at the Austins

Bring finger foods and gifts for the Chinese Auction. Gifts can be funny or nice.

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