Galileo vs. George Zimmerman

Compare and Contrasting trials

Galileo's Trial

Galileo was on trial for not doing what the court at this time (or Inquisition as it was called), when it came to Galileo's hypothesis/theory and was arrested and sentenced to life. His sentenced changed and he was sent back home under house arrest until he later died. This was all over his theory of another world known as the Solar System.

Comparing the Trials

Both Galileo and George were on trial for different reasons, but the court looks at all cases the same way. They were two totally different cases in two totally different time periods and yet, the courts found and looked at all the evidence in specific detail. They found Galileo guilty and not Zimmerman. That's because the evidence was very specific. They used a letter during the Galileo trial for evidence and used Trayvon's clothing, the weapon, and 911 call as evidence in the Zimmerman case. Time periods don't affect trial.

Trial of George Zimmerman

George was charged Second degree murder and yet was found not guilty. He was charged because he supposedly killed 16 year old Trayvon Martin, but stuck with the story that he had never seen him before in the neighboorhood. He shot and killed him because he supposedly took off running in the rain when asked what he was doing. However, Trayvon was holding Skittles and a watermelon Arizona tea.