Fourth Grade Writing Collaborative

Hosted by Mrs. Lauren Gawor from Calderon Elementary

This Thursday, December 3rd

Update: Calderon will be hosting our writing collaborative this time! Mrs. Lauren Gawor has volunteered to be our first host.

Please bring some ideas, lessons or activities to share.

Ideas and lessons to share during the 2nd collaborative:

  • 4.20B complete subject and predicate
  • 4.20Aiv adverbs
  • 4.20Avi reflexive pronouns
  • 4.20C simple/compound sentences
  • 4.21Ci commas in compound sentences
  • 4.20Avii correlating conjunctions
  • 4.20Aiii adjectives
  • 4.20Aviii transitions
  • 4.22C homophones

Writing Collaboritve

Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 3:30pm

Calderon Elementary School

Please join us in Mrs. Gawor's classroom (room 10).