3A News

Ms. Angela and Ms. Wendy

We hope you all enjoyed our days off! Next week we will be ready for a full week! Believe it or not, we have started practicing for our Christmas program during our music time! Nothing is sweeter than little voices singing "Away in a Manger". Please remember our Halloween Party and Parade (good thing we are learning about letter "P" that week!) on Friday, October 30th at 11:00. Our room mother, Jennifer Thigpen, will be sending more info about the party soon! The children will be allowed to wear a costume that day (and the teachers, too!) but we ask that they do not bring any accessories to their costumes such as masks, shields, wands, etc... Please no scary costumes. They also will still need to wear their closed toe shoes. We can't wait to see everyone all dressed up!

Looking Ahead to the Week of October 19-23

• Theme: Owls and October

• Letter: Oo
• Color: Orange
• Shape: Triangle
• Number: 2
• Art: Owl Art
• Bible Story: Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand Matthew 14:13-21
• Bible Verse: “They all ate and were satisfied…” Matthew 14:20

Snack Schedule

**Please remember to send a healthy snack such as fruit, crackers and yogurt each day- enough for 14 children. We have a refrigerator for cold snacks.

Oct 19th-23rd- Tommy Navin

Oct 26-30- Maci Kate Brown

Nov 2-4. OPEN

Nov 9-13 Thomas Holmstrom

Upcoming Dates

• Oct 18th- One Big Sunday 10:30am service, Lunch & 6pm service (Ken Scott Magician for Kids @ 6pm service)
Oct 21st- Orange Day (Students wear Orange)
• Oct 23rd-Read for the Record
• Oct 28th- No Lunch Buddy
• Oct 28th -CUMC Trunk or Treat 5:30pm -8:30pm
• Oct 30th- Halloween Parade and Parties @ 11am (Please remember NO SCARY COSTUMES and NO ACCESSORIES such as masks, shields, wands etc)

Things to Remember

• Return Library books on WEDNESDAY. Books in bags or folders before Wednesday will be returned to the Library.

• Children must wear tennis shoes/closed toed shoes for the playground.

• ORANGE DAY OCTOBER 21st for 3's. Come dressed to school wearing our color of the month: ORANGE!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at cornerstone3a@yahoo.com. Please remember we do not have access to email from 9-12 on school days.

Ms. Angela and Ms. Wendy