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Fall 2014


Hello everyone! I just came back from Hoopla, Stella & Dot's national sales conference. Oh my, was it exciting! Tons of inspiration, training and gorgeous product as well as some really exciting updates for Stylists AND customers! That's our CEO and VP's livin' happy at our dance party - do the people you work with have this much fun?! If you want to hear more about Hoopla and how inspiring it was to be there, I have a special video for you to watch - contact me!

Fall 2014 Collection!

We have officially launched the Fall 2014 collection! I got to play with all the new pieces so here are some 'action shots' of some of the most exciting things in the new line. I can't wait to hear what you think!

If you want a gorgeous Fall 2014 Look Book, contact me with your address and I will send you one right away!

Every Mother Counts

Perhaps one of the coolest things I got to experience was being in the presence of Christy Turlington Burns, an iconic supermodel and founder of Every Mother Counts. This organization is dedicated to the safety and care of mothers during their pregnancy and childbirth. Did you know that 97% of mother's deaths during childbirth are preventable?! When I heard that, I felt the call to action. I'm not a mother, but I am a woman and a daughter. Are you a sister, a mother, a daughter, a friend? Then hopefully you'll join me in my mission to help these women all over the world!

Stella & Dot has partnered with Every Mother Counts to sell our specially designed Enlighten bracelet, which 100% of the proceeds go to benefit Every Mother Counts. Here's just an idea of how we are helping!

What can 20 Enlighten bracelets help fund?

  • Essential medical equipment for midwifery students
  • Pays for two prenatal visits for uninsured women
  • Buys six safe birth kits for mothers-to-be
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I have a CRAZY goal to sell 100 Enlighten bracelets by the end of the MONTH! Please follow my Facebook event where I will be posting pictures, raffles & updates, and shop my fundraiser trunk show to help me reach my goal! I think we can really make a difference - and I'm so proud to be on this journey with all of you!

*All proceeds from the Enlighten bracelet PLUS 100% of commissions will directly benefit Every Mother Counts.

Summer Hostess Incentive

I am bringing the new Fall 2014 collection along with our best-sellers from Spring & Summer to YOU! Book a trunk show with me today, and get a free Engravable!
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Be a Stylist!

Do you want to live happy?! Whatever your WHY is, share it with me and let me help you get there! For me, I wanted to grow my confidence, my dollars per hour, and make some everlasting friendships. I never would have expected to fall in love with Stella & Dot, but I have. I'm just one person, I can't change the world. But I can change the world for just one person. And that's what I'd like to do for you! Contact me so we can chat - even if you're remotely interested - here's a sneak peek of why it's so fun to be a Stella & Dot Stylist!

Allison Nelson, Lead Stylist

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