The facts about the devastating disease - Mason Sours


Progeria is a disease that is only in kids that makes you age, while you are at a very young age. You will not grow, but you will age fairly quickly like you are just turning 80.


Some of the symptoms for Progeria will include a abnormally large head for small face, thin lips, hair loss, visible veins, stiff joints, high pitched voice, narrow face, beaked nose, irregular heartbeat, hardening and tightening of skin.

Progeria will not affect intellect, they can attend there appropriate age/grade. They will need comforting shoes because regular shoes will hurt there feet. They will also need regular physical activity. Smaller meals will help with calorie intake.

Life expectancy for children with Progeria is 13-20 years of age, sometimes a little longer.

Ashley Hegi Progeria


A mutation happens in the first chromosome. The cells causing them to deform is called LMNA, otherwise known as Lamin A.


There is no cure for Progeria yet, but there is a treatment that will make them live a little longer. Low dose Asprin can prevent heart attack or stroke, witch is common for children with Progeria. Physical Therapy can also help with joint stiffness.

Other Facts

  • Progeria comes from the Greek term "Pro" for Premature.
  • Kids with Progeria also have an Insulin resistance.
  • They also have delayed teeth and abnormal formation.
  • 100 kids live with progeria in 36 countries.
  • Progeria is VERY rare.