2015 Year In Review

Intro To Marketing- Jane Hurley Pd.1

Three Companies that Marketed their Companies the Best

1. Apple. Apple marketed them selves very well this year, they released several new product like the iPhone6s and 6s+. They had many commercials that advertised there phones in a good way. Also they had come out with new things to do on your phone like take a "moving picture" and have moving backgrounds which they advertised heavily and made it there mane selling point besides the new color, rose gold. And when they would advertise the new features you would see it and it would make you want to get the new iPhone.

2. Nike. Nike was one of the top companies that marketed them selves well this year because, they had several adds for there clothing and products and the had many commercials that marketed there business. One example of how they marketed them selves is, sports teams would have a "spirit pack" that the kids would buy from and Nike makes the clothes and then sells them to the, so when the kids would buy there clothes from their teams would see that it was made by Nike and go and buy new Nike clothes cause they like the feel or style. Also Nike had several adds that you would see in any type of magazine, and Nike used a lot of women in there ads so it was nice to see that they were essentially saying that women are athletic and fit and that makes women feel good and buy their products.

3. Lululemon. Lululemon was a big deal this year. It didn't have a lot of commercials or adds in magazines but they did a very good job of drawling you in to the store. When you see a Lululemon store you want to go in because the design of the store front is so nice and unique. For example at the Lululemon where i live it has a all wood boards making up the entrance of the store and when you see the entrance with the wood and the big huge Lululemon at the top you think that its interesting and different that all the other stores,so you go in and all of the products draw you attention. So Lululemon shows that you do not need a bunch of commercials and magazine adds to sell you product.

Best Products 2015

iPhone 6s

I watch

Worst Products 2015

Hover board

Touch Pad

Top Movies 2015

1. Star Wars, The Force Awakens. Star Wars was the most successful movie this year because it was marketed not just by the creators of Star Wars its self. Other companies were using Star Wars characters in their commercials and that helped get you excited for the movie along with the ads and movie trailers for Star Wars.

2. Mocking Jay part 2. Mocking Jay was a top selling this movie this year because they build-ed a lot of suspense with that movie because they came out with the second part a year or so later. So people were more excited for it.

Top Music Artists 2015

1. Adele did very well this year. She was in several talk shows and started her fame once again this year with her hit song, Hello, it was a song that connected to so many women and was played on the radio constantly.

2. Taylor Swift also did very well in the past year or so. She came out with a new album, 1989, which was an instant hit. Taylor Swift was on several late night talk shows and and is one a sponsor of diet coke.

Top 10 Songs 2015

1. Hello, Adele

2. Sorry, Justin Bieber

3. Love Your Self, Justin Bieber

4. Hotline Bling, Drake

5. What Do You Mean, Justin Bieber


New Year Resolution

  • A personal goal is to make the lacrosse team
  • A goal about friends or family is to make new friends
  • And a goal for school is to improve my grades