Ethan's Flyer

The flyer where it's okay to like school!

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Stuff you should know about me. (Note: this is a long presentation. It's okay if you fall asleep.)

I seem to be in TAG because I can think of quick ideas, I am "a jack-of-all-trades", and my actually liking of school! Yes, I'm human. I'm not sure exactly why I'm in TAG, I guess it's just because I ate a lot of Smarties as a kid. I think that's how it works.

As for my personality, I was INTJ which in my opinion, fits my characteristic ENTIRELY. INTJs are hard-working (:D), open-minded, arrogant, and my favorite part: "Lone wolf". That almost perfectly describes me! Whenever there is a chance to get a chance to work alone, I'll work alone.


I have a strategic mind that can from ideas quickly in my head. I can generate a concept pretty easily.

I am independent. You probably think that's a bad thing. To me, it's a great thing!

I am confident. I will usually be up to the task when a situation arises.

My favorite, in my opinion, I am the jack-of-all-trades. What that means is that I'm am average at almost everything.


Obviously, a guy like me can't be perfect. A guy especially like me.

I tend to over think it. like I'll fill of a whole white board to solve something as simple as a math problem. So just don't give me a problem that LOOKS overly-complicated.

I am confident. Now you're probably thinking "Ethan! Why do you have to confuse my mind like dis?! You have confidence in your strengths!", but personally, this is also a weakness. Over-confidence can lead to destruction. TRUST ME.

I consider this one a weakness: I have what is called Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. Like for example, you see that red line under OCD? That bothers me SO. MUCH. You might let be borrow a stubbed pencil and the second after, I rush to the pencil sharpener to make it sharper. It's weird, I know.
Quick and funny fact: My personality check said I was also "clueless on romance" (100% guarantee. I'll give you a box of chocolates and then ask for one.)

My Motto (At the top)

I think my motto gives off a humor vibe. I try to be funny (and fail) and can have a good laugh.

Some likes: Video Games, Homer Simpson, drawing, math, and even guitar!

Some dislikes: Ignorance, working with partners, and family members thank annoy me (heck, ones in this class!)