By Luke Shaw


Ants are hard working insects. Did you know that ants run faster on hotter days? Did you know that ants sleep standing up too?

Ants work a lot

Ants do a lot of work. Larvae dig tunnels to make the anthill bigger. An ant who searches for food is called the forager, which is the oldest ant. An ant who guards the anthill is called the guard.Ants are one of the strongest insects on Earth. They help plants grow because when they push dirt they give the plants nutrients. Nurse ants lick larvae, so they don't dry out. Ants dig with their jaws, which are mandibles. Army ants link up to create a bridge across a river or anything else.

Ants work to make food

Ants work to make food. First, the forager finds some leaves. Then, they create paste from those leaves. Lastly, they create fungus from the paste, and the fungus is what they eat. Ants have to go far away because food is scarce.

Ants build their shelter

Ants build their shelter. Ants dig chambers in the anthill, so they have more space in the anthill.The roof is curved to trap heat in the anthill, so they are hot in the anthill. The day nursery is where the eggs get heated up by the Sun, and the eggs come from the queen ant. The anthill absorbs the Suns' rays.

Ants are interesting insects

Ants can do a lot of things like dig shelters, do a lot of work, and make their own food from leaves.Do you think ants are cool?