Brochure for a Dorm Room

smart and eco-friendly

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The apartment room is small and smart. The size is 16 m2 (3 m X 4 m).

To make the room more organized and to make use of all the space we are using smart furniture, like:

1. Bunk beds and shelves to put their books and other stuff.

2. Twin study desks for both students with enough space.

3. Comfortable and small chairs.

Power Energy

The dorm will use sun energy because it is available and Eco-friendly. In the UAE the sun is very hot, so we think that we can use the heat of the sun to produce power for the electricity. We are going to put the solar panel on the roof, so no one will pay every month for the electricity bills.
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Question 2 by:Abdalla Abdalrehman

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Question 3 by : Omar Abdalla

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Question 4 by: Ali Yousif

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Question 1 by: Humid Akbar