When Will This Cruel War Be Over


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Story plot

Exposition,The story ''When Will This Cruel War be Over?'',takes place in Gordonsville, Virginia, 1864 during'' The Civil War''.The main characters are EMMA is a girl in a village in Gordonsville,Emma's mom is one important character because she goes through problems with Emma.The setting from my book is in 1864 during the CIVIL WAR in Virginia,Gordonsville.Text Evidence page 2.Emma is my main character in the book she has problems because her brother past away and she and her parents were sad and her father left them alone,Emma writes him every night but the letters seem not to get to her fathers location. Raising Action,after Emma,s brother died her father left Emma and her family.Another conflict is some negroes moved to the other side because Emma's village was running out of supplies and the negroes though that the other side might have more supplies. Another conflict they had was that when the negroes went to the other side because as I said they had not much supplies and then WAR was brought to Emma,s village,p.42. Climax, the problem in my story is that Emma is that part of her family got split up because her brother died, her father left,now her mother is sick and its only her and house helper.Now war is brought and the soldiers are dying.Then who;s going to fight for Emma's village or at least defend them.! Falling Action, Emma writes to her friend named Tally he is a young boy that she met at her aunt Caroline's house while war was still not hear. Tally had to go to war because he was young and he qualified for war even do he was young. Tally went to war and is the only one who didn't got sick. But Emma and her aunt Caroline went to visit the soldiers to give them food and the finest drink from her father's best drink collection. Denoument, The Yankee's got captured and killed by Tally's army, and Tally propose to Emma when older and Emma said'' YES.''


In When Will This Cruel War be Over,The main character is man vs him self because,Emma is struggling within herself because her village is in war with the Yankees.The Yankees are a Army that are fighting Emma,s village.Emma,s family is running out of supplies and her mom is sick and its only Emma and the house helper that are not sick.Her father left them and her brother died because of the Yankee's while in look out he got shot in the heart and died.And her father left them because he heard that the Yankee's were going to attack them.


My theme from my book is in Gorgdonsville,Virginia,1864 during the Civil War. In the theme there's a boy named Tally he and Emma are worry that they will lose the battle because of the illness from the soldiers. Emma tries to go were Tally is so she will give food for the soldiers because they have little food to eat. And they need medicine but, Emma can only get medicine from her house because mostly all the stores are close but her mom says no its dangerous because you never know when they are going to attack or shoot and you out there no because your my only big child and if you die I'am going to be alone with the baby but i need someone to make me laugh and pick pretty flowers for the table or who's going to joke around with.But always take a safe route.

4 Historical facts

1 historical fact is The Civil War,was the darkest and most critical period in American history.2 historical facts was that there were two central issue that divided the nation and caused the war to be fought ,one was slavery.3 historical fact was In December 1860 ,southern forces, supported by artillery, surrounded the tiny federal Fort Sumter,located on an island in Charleston Harbor,south Carolina.Last historical fact was that on the fist day of January, 1863,president Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation,which stated that all slaves in the confederate States,were now slaves are free


The protagonist is Emma because she helps others and says every thing to be all wright ,and she's that person who never gives up and she keeps on trying even though she is down or feeling sad,mad,angry or just not feeling good she just so happy. Antagonist is the Yankees because they are just killing innocent people that are just doing there normal life as all ways and then the soldiers weren't expecting that attack from the Yankee's and had to leave in a hurry because they were attacking already and yelling ''SCARY CATS''and''ARE YOU AFRAID.''

historical setting/event on book/character

My historical setting is in Gordonsville,Viginia,in 1864.And my character's description is that Emma has lots of problems to go through,but at the end when she's older and Tally is older,Tally propose to Emma to marry him.