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What's a Grutle!!!

A Grutle is A mix between a giraffe and turtle!!! They were originally located in Africa but then got moved to Maui Hawaii and is currently living there because they were close to extinction!! They were close to extinction because they were catching Ebola and dieing quickly!!

Facts about Grutles!!

The Grutles eat rasberrys and strawberrys!! The Grutle can only survive in warm or hot climates!! The Grutles can swim!!!! They can live up to be 894 years old!! It travels 6 mph! The Grutle is up to 1foot tall. Can weigh up to 25 pounds as a adult. It sleeps standing up. It needs tons of water to stay hydrated!! The Grutle is warm blooded!! Lastly the Grutles prediders are wolves bears and snakes!!!

Organism that live with the Grutle!!!

Animals~~ monkeys, seals, frog, crabs, starfish, and parrots!!!


Plant~~ hibiscus, lei flowers, palm trees, Palm grass, white shrimp plant, and red ginger!!

By- Ella Schirato!!! Mrs.Lanes 4th HR-Bambico