Geo-craft by: Sam+Travis

Be one with the crafting

About geo+craft

There are so many harmful\nice things in geo-craft. Like for nice you have the animals and very intertertaining villager friends. For bad you have Monsters!!!! For example, creepers, zombies, and skeletons.

Witches workshop

The most mysterious of Steve's friends is the witch.He makes a living by making potions and selling to the villagers and Steve. Such as pop fizz. So far he has been very successfulsuccessful

More photos, yay!

Prepared for entertainment.

Ask creeper

1. Is it fun? Answer: If you come, you need to be prepared for awesomeness!

2. Do you have friends? Answer: the slime is very nice.

3. Why are you beeping? Answer: because I'm a creeper BOOM!


We are the people who made this city. We hope you can visit!