Tiger Tales

A YCES Newsletter

Important School Dates to Note:

Friday, October 8th - NO SCHOOL - State In-Service Day

Thursday, October 21st - The Great Oregon ShakeOut

The Great Oregon ShakeOut is designed to practice what to do during an earthquake, everyone to get prepared and be safe during an earthquake.

Student Drop-off refresher

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For Everyone's Safety - Please follow these parking lot procedures

Designated Doors and release times:

Kinders Enter and exit the LOBBY

Drop off: 7:50 am M-F
Pick up: 2:35 PM (M, T, Th, F) Pick up: 1:10 PM (Early Release Wed.)

1st Grade - Enter and exit the LIBRARY

Drop off: 7:50 am M-F
Pick up: 2:35 PM (M, T, Th, F) Pick up: 1:10 PM (Early Release Wed.)

2nd Graders Enter and exit the LOBBY
Drop off: 7:50 am M-F
Pick up: 2:45 PM (M, T, Th, F) Pick up: 1:20 PM (Early Release Wed.)

3rd Graders Enter and exit the LIBRARY

Drop off: 7:50 am M-F
Pick up: 2:45 PM (M, T, Th, F) Pick up: 1:20 PM (Early Release Wed.)

Students arriving and departing by bus will come in and out the back doors. For specific bus times and drop-off locations, please call Mid Columbia Bus Co. directly at 503-662-3300.

Pick-up Procedures:

  • Please do not arrive before your child's designated release time They will not exit their classrooms until these times. You will be asked to circle the block until release times are nearer to avoid unnecessary congestion in the parking lot.

  1. Please stop at the entrance of the parking lot to give the name of your student (s) to the parking lot greeter. They will be assigned to a list and staff inside will see their name and direct students out to your vehicle as you pull in.
  2. Proceed to the parking lot flag person who will direct you to your stopping location.
  3. Please pull as far forward in the parking lane to wait for your child.
  4. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR FOR ANY REASON. A staff person will assist your child into your vehicle. Continue to follow directions and pull forward as staff directs you.
  5. Walkers - please wait at Audrey's Garden, near the north end of the building. A staff person will greet you and another will walk your child to you.
  6. Students walking home by themselves will be released at the beginning of their release time.

For questions regarding these procedures, please contact the front office.

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PTO MEETINGS - EVERY 1ST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH - 6PM Staff Room - in person and by Zoom.

Please join us for our Monthly PTO meetings which happen in the Staff room at YCES EVERY 1st Tuesday of the Month - 6 PM -7 PM

Please come IN-PERSON!!!
(Yes! While students are not present, we can host in-person meetings)

& for future Meetings (Beginning Oct. 5th) Join via Zoom Meeting:


Download the Box Tops Scan App!

Please download the Box Tops Scan App and scan your grocery receipts! All items sponsored by Box Tops earn our school $.10 each. Overtime, that money builds up. When Box tops were clipped we'd get upwards of $1500 a year in Box Tops earnings!

Click Here for more info or to download the App for your phone! It takes just a minute and makes a huge difference for our school!


Eat Breakfast and Lunch at School for FREE!

Download the 21-22 District Calendar

It's important to be aware of Key Dates and No School Days! Download your digital calendar now!

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We all get to be in person, together at school, for a full school day!

At YC we want every student to feel valued, respected, and have a sense of belonging. We understand that we perceive and are experiencing the current reality differently. It is our goal to keep your students safe and be respectful that wearing a mask is difficult.

We are required to wear masks and will treat this as a learning experience. If a student has trouble, we will work together to try a few options. I had to try out a couple of masks to see what worked for me. To support students through the day we have built-in mask breaks throughout the day and have created some outdoor learning spaces.

We will be talking with students about wearing masks, listening to concerns, and problem solving with students and families to ultimately lead to a school culture that allows us to get up every morning and want to come to school - so we can see our friends, share our experiences, and feel like we belong.

Get what you need from these resources!

YCES Staff | Small Schools. Big Achievements

Gaga Ball - What's that?

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What is Gaga Ball?

Gaga ball is a dodgeball variant that has been sweeping through school districts in the past several years. The game is thought to have started in Israel — gaga means "touch touch" in Hebrew — and was played in Jewish summer camps beginning in the 1970s. It started getting popular at schools as physical education teachers were looking for things to keep kids active and safe.

Gaga ball rules

  1. The rules of gaga ball are simple. Get hit below the waist and you're out.
  2. But gaga ball does differ from the dodgeball, it's more like a pinball machine but you're avoiding the ball or hitting the ball away towards someone else.
  3. All players start by standing against the sides of an octagonal pit, with their hands at their sides.
  4. A player or referee throws a kickball in the air. The ball must bounce three times before any player can touch it, and the players shout "ga" each time it bounces.
  5. The ball can be blocked and dribbled for three seconds, but then it has to touch the wall or another player to be considered in play. If the ball gets knocked out of the pit, the last person to have touched the ball is out.
  6. Everyone eliminated during game play must immediately leave the pit, but can then stand outside the pit and reach in to catch loose balls — and if they catch the ball, they can go back in.
  7. The last person standing is considered the winner and gets to start the next game.
  8. Games move quickly, the average lasting about five minutes. Between 15 and 20 kids can be in the pit at a time, and they are constantly moving.

Click here to watch Gaga Ball being played.

Inclusive and educational

Gaga ball is extremely welcoming for all kids. Children who are not as athletic as others are able to enjoy the game because it doesn't require a specific athletic skill.

What we love is that every game, there is a different winner.

Gaga pits are becoming widely popular for school districts around the area, for students to use.

Made possible by donations

The YCES-PTO graciously donated the funds needed for this project and Principal, Amanda Dallas' husband, Rupert Dallas constructed the pit. All involved were all about adding to the fun of our student's recess experience. With social distancing requirements in practice and students being required to remain within their designated cohorts, recess can get a bit repetitive, having to stick to one designated area for the duration of recess times. We're sure that this new addition to our playground will be an exciting and uplifting experience for our students this year. We can't wait to see the kids experience this new enrichment opportunity.

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Mid Columbia Bus Company 503-662-3300

Mid Columbia Bus Company is an independent contracted organization that YCSD works closely with to provide district transportation for our students. Here is a message from them...

At Mid Columbia Bus Company (MIDCO) we realize that we are carrying the most precious cargo in the world…Your Children. Therefore the primary goal is safety. Our employees are trained behind the wheel and in classroom settings to include extensive training in our Safety Programs, Special Needs Training, and Disaster Training. Each bus is inspected daily for safety and mechanical issues.

It is MIDCO’s intent to treat the journey from home to school as an extension of the classroom and ensure that students arrive safely and with an attitude that is conducive to learning.

We offer you big company expertise and experience with the service and responsiveness of a small operator. You can rely on us to be proactive in resolving issues and to be there when you need us.

Students are required to wear masks on the bus and bus drivers have masks available if needed. Routes will be posted on https://el.ycsd.k12.or.us/ and Facebook.

In the winter, we highly encourage you register for flash alerts which will prompt you for any weather related delays, including bussing route changes or cancellations. www.flashalert.net

Mid Columbia Bus Company

for safety • for service • for solutions

We want to help you. Contact us to get the bus rolling.

Please call for enrollment or bus related questions.



Want to work for Mid Co.? Click here to apply!

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Order Tiger Gear Now!

Tiger Gear is available for purchase! 15% off all proceeds comes back to the YCES-PTO to use for activities, events and items needed for the school.

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We've teamed up with a company called Prep Sportwear to deliver our school and community with a variety of YC apparel. There are a ton of designs as well as a few of the old. There is also a variety of products to choose from, including hats and masks. You can even customize the backsides of your shirts or sweatshirts with custom names and numbers. If your student participates in sports or clubs, you can even customize designs by category. Masks, hats and more are available too. You like glitter? Check out the Sparkle Twill options. There is no minimum purchase required. Orders ship directly to your doorstep and arrive quickly. No more waiting for bulk order purchases and mix-ups!

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Yamhill Carlton Elementary School

Address: 420 S. 3rd St - Carlton, OR 97111
School phone: 503-852-7161
School fax: 503-852-7364

For reporting a student absence:

Email the office by clicking here or
Call 503-852-7161

Office Staff:

Amanda Dallas, Principal

Kelli Fletcher, Lead Secretary

Kristin Pond, Building Secretary

Sheryl Rindel, Family & Youth Counselor