The Restoration Project

Restoring People, Restoring Families, Restoring Communities

Why Another Church?

  • Realizing that people learn differently in the twenty-first century, the biblical message must be shared in different, innovative ways for different learning styles.
  • The traditional habit of gathering on Sunday to receive the message from one person cannot be the only option for developing a Christian foundation. People, families, and communities need spiritual uplift and support on a daily basis.
  • There are needs of the community need a response now.

What Will Restoration Do?

Offer new ways to respond to the needs of people

Respond to the emptiness some people experience

Do life with people" by providing hope

Society is filled with individuals that possess incredible, powerful potential to do great things in the world. Yet, the potential goes unused because people struggle with feelings of emptiness, brokenness, and disappointment. Daily living produces regret, immobility, and sorrow that make people become disconnected from their God-designed purpose. These experiences and emotions create a spiritual void in the lives of people, in families, and communities. I seek to lead a new faith community that responds to the varying degrees of emptiness people are facing and helps fill the spiritual void. The synergy among this contemporary, multi-cultural gathering of Christian believers would offer a new way to restore God’s people and provide hope to the world.

Core Values

There are five core values of Restoration Church. They do not change over time, nor do they become irrelevant. Instead, they guide all decisions as the church develops.

  1. Prayer - Prayer, ongoing communication with God, is vital at all times. James 5:13-15
  2. Relationships - Connecting with people is connecting with God. Hebrews 10:24-25
  3. Compassion/Missional-Focus - We are Christ's hands and feet. Matthew 25:35-40
  4. Accountability - We all have a responsibility to restore the world. 1 Thess. 5:11
  5. Constant Communication - God is not complicated. People are. The message of God's love must be shared with clarity at all times. Proverbs 25:11

How Is Restoration Relevant To People Today?

Restoration church aims to restore people, families, and communities so they can live out their divine God-given purpose. Restoration is a personal walk on a collective journey. It requires people to do life together. The church will support that journey by

*Promoting more conversation and less monologue. The sermonic moment will regularly present a challenge or task for the people to respond.The Restorative process requires physical action steps taken as well as spiritual ones.

*Preaching as Social Gospel - God’s word gives people the tools to make it through this life right now.

*Organizing Cell Groups - It is important to guide people through discipleship. Cell groups ensure people do life with people. The question, Who is pouring into you and who are you pouring into will always be asked.

*Focusing on Children & Youth

Become A Part of the Restoration Project

There are three ways to become involved with Restoration Church.




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Edwin Turnipseed, Lead Pastor