Dangers of Ecstasy

By: Gillian Gallagher

Slang terms of Ecstasy

  • Molly
  • Wee fellas
  • Rollin
  • Scooby snacks
  • Getting up
  • Blue kisses

Short-terms effects

The short-terms effects can lead to muscle breakdown and kidney, liver, and cardiovascular failure. Cardiovascular failure has been reported in some of Ecstasy- related fatalities. Aftereffects can include sleep problems, anxiety and depression. Effects include feelings or peacefulness, acceptance and empathy.

Long-terms effect

The long-term effects can lead to long-lasting brain damage affecting thought and memory. Damage to the portions of the brain that regulate critical functions such as learning, sleep and emotion. You can also have Cardiovascular collapse, convulsions and then leading to death.


“At a rave party, I saw a guy who had stuffed himself with Ecstasy repeat for hours, ‘I am an orange, don’t peel me, I am an orange, don’t peel me.’ Another guy thought he was a fly and wouldn't stop hitting his head against a window.” -Liz