Monday Morning Motivation

November 16, 2015

Last Week I Learned Something New

I enjoyed visiting classrooms last week! It was a great reminder that I am still a learner!! I love it when I see a strategy that I am not familiar with because I can share it!! If it is new to me, chances are someone out there hasn't heard of it either! Last Thursday, Tiffany Henderson visited our campus at my request. I wanted her to visit classrooms with me so that I could work on my literacy observation skills. When we visited Mrs. Fricker's room she was using a chart that closely resembled a KWL chart but had spots for much more information. I had noticed the chart once before when I was in Mrs. Fricker's room, but it was not part of the lesson that day and I failed to ask her about it. Much to my enjoyment, it was apart of the lesson the day Tiffany and I observed. If you aren't familiar with a R.A.N. Chart, I would strongly encourage you to check it out. The concept is discussed in the Explorations of Writing by Linda Hoyt. I was impressed with how this process helped the students formulate questions. We all know that student generated questions moves us toward the Distinguished category in Domain 3 in TESS. Being able to produce good questions develops a student's ability to think at a deeper level and it helps to clarify thoughts when writing.

If you are not using the R.A.N. chart, I encourage you to watch the video below and/or contact Mrs. Fricker and request to visit her class when she is using this resource. Please note this is NOT just for literacy class or literacy teachers. It could easily be adapted for all content areas as it focuses on NON FICTION text.

Remember...We ALL get better, when we ALL get better! We need to tap into the "genius" within our own building. Peer observations are just a request away. I DARE YOU to ask!


Strategies for Teaching Nonfiction Writing: The R.A.N. Strategy

Every Second Matters Campaign

I have heard your cry (and Ms.Tammy's) about the number of morning and afternoon tardies. After researching the numbers, I agree we have way too many. I will be sharing an idea with you soon regarding a campaign to help us reduce the number of tardies. We must stress to our parents that every second matters and that excessive tardies can be just as detrimental to student learning as excessive absences. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will be digging further into the data and will share the info with you soon.
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Recognition Assemblies

We will be recognizing academic excellence on Wednesday, November 18th for grades 3-6. The K-2 assembly went very smoothly and we received many positive comments from parents. Specifics about the assemblies can be found here.

November Calendar

Monday 11/16


Tuesday 11/17

G.A.T.E. Chess Tournament

Progress Reports

Gideons visit 5th grade @ 8:30 am

Wednesday 11/18

Fall Birthday Brunch in the Family Center

Recognition Assembly 5-6 @ 9:00 am and 3-4 @ 1:30 pm

Thursday 11/19

Ben Carrigan visits 5th grade

Friday 11/20

CES Holiday House

Monday-Thursday 11/23-27

Thanksgiving Holiday - NO SCHOOL

Monday 11/30

Electricity Magic Show (all grades) 8:30 and 9:30 details to come

Opportunities to Stretch Your Professional Thinking

CES Google+ Community

  • Mrs. Aukes recently created and shared a Google+ Community for Team Awesome. If you haven't accepted the invitation via email that she sent, please consider doing so. This will be a great place for us to share resources.

Twitter Challenge Are You Willing To Take It??

  • I want to encourage you to continue working toward becoming a connected educator. I challenge you to post at least one resource, idea, and/or quote to #CESlearners each week. Remember.....WE ALL GET BETTER WHEN WE ALL GET BETTER!