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The WHY...

Coach Stacy's Why:

To be the "constant" in each students life. To be the one they want to share with and trust . They know they can Count on me!

Amanda Maclaurin's WHY:

To make a positive difference in children’s lives. ❤️

Sonya Moreno's WHY:

To encourage all students & celebrate every success/improvement, no matter the size!

I would love for you to share your WHY so that we can highlight them throughout the year!


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September Birthdays!

Lauren Thorsell 9/2

Muna Allansary 9/4

Rebecca Hile 9/9

Julie Scott 9/9

Brook Hoover 9/14

Master Calendar- What is happening this week?

PLCs begin this week!

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Team Lead Meeting after school in Rm 10 3:15pm


Thursday- Guided Reading Training after school


Food for Thought

*Start thinking of grants that would help move your classroom forward. We are available to brainstorm with you. The HEB Foundation grant deadline will be here before you know it!

Lakewood Goals

Goal 1: Student Achievement Quality Indicator 1.1: Achieve Highest Academic Rating for District

Goal A: 100% of students will achieve Approaches Grade Level on State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Goal B: 25% or more of students will achieve Masters Grade Level on STAAR or each subject at each grade level. Goal C: Achieve annual incremental gain as designated and reported through Performance Objectives. Goal D. 70% or more of students will achieve Meet or Exceed Progress in Reading, Math, and Writing as reported on the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) Goal E: Earn all applicable distinctions as defined by the state accountability system.

Goal 2: Efficient and Effective Operations for All Components

District Goal 2: Efficient and Effective Operations for All components

Quality Indicator 2.1: Continuous Improvement Approach to Performance Excellence Goal C: 100% of classrooms will demonstrate proficiency in the use of a systems approach to continuous improvement

Goal 3: Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

District Goal 3: Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

Quality Indicator 3.2: 97% or higher annual average employee attendance

Celebrations AND SHOUT-OUTS!

Kindergarten would like to Shout Out to all the staff that helped our little Eagles adjust to school this past week. It takes a village and we are so appreciative to our village people! :-)

-Lyn Boehme

To Mrs. Kayfus: After only one week of school she was able to define a new student's strengths, needs, and likes so well that the parent was absolutely excited to be here. The parent also reported the child was so excited he has been getting himself up and ready for school. Yeah Mrs. Kayfus!!

-Heidi Hasfjord

Shout out to Beth for all of her organizing and planning!

Shout out to all team members for coming ready and prepared for PLC's!

Shout out to everyone who participated in the tailgate!


Shout out to Beth Gilley for modeling an AWESOME kernel essay lesson with both my classes!

Shout out to Cameron and Carla for their support with behavior this week!

-Jessica Kirkley

-Beth G. For helping out with the bulletin board, conducting an awesome PLC, and modeling a Kernel Essay in my classroom!

-The 4th grade team for complimenting the third graders during the fire drill. (The fourth graders were awesome too!)

-Colette for organizing Team Expresso Yourself’s bulletin board.

-Administration for being supportive in every way!

-Mckenzie and Sonya for answering my millions of questions!

-Mrs. Rogers for having a wonderfully organized library and highly engaging lessons!

-Lindsey Deleon

Shout out to Debe Rogers for coming up with the idea for the winning B.O.Y. bulletin board! Go team Power Drivers!

-Deborah Yatko

Shout out to Cameron and Beth for planning with Christian and Suzann.

Shout out to Cameron for teaching a reading lesson in Christian's classroom.

Shout out to Beth for teaching a Kernel Essay in Suzann's classroom.

Shout out to Becca for being an awesome team lead!

Shout out to Christian, Delta and Becca for being awesome team members! Love you all!

Shout out to our Lindy and Danee for everything they do for Lakewood!

Shout out to Carla for reading to Suzann's class.

-Suzann Jones

Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD Goals

Hurst- Euless- Bedford ISD Goals

☐ Goal 1: Student Achievement

☐ Goal 2: Effective and Efficient Operations for all Components

☐ Goal 3: Quality Teaching, Administrative, and Support Staff

☐ Goal 4: Safe, Healthy, and Nurturing Schools

☐ Goal 5: Enduring Relationships with Stakeholders

Lakwood in Action!

Celebration: Naps found her missing walkie of three days! See pic

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