Pick Up Your Trash!

Blake Dominguez


What does waste mean? Waste means to use, consume, spend , or expand thoughtlessly or carelessly.What we waste is the things we use in this world and once we don't use it anymore we carelessly throw it out on the street or on other peoples yard.

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Where the trash should go

Most of the waste produced is sent to mining sites or put into big bodies of water.Well around here we don't have big bodies of water.The waste that you produce should go in a trash can or into a dumbster so that the waste is gone and out of site.When the waste is not dumped it is on peoples yard and the streets.

These are the things that are considered waste

How can we prevent waste from happening?

We can prevent waste if we just throw away our trash in the dumpsters.Once we throw it away for good it is gone and out of sight and we don't have to worry about it.If we just leave it there it is bad for the environment.

More information about Waste

The MSW generation levels are expected to double by the year of 2025.They say the higher the income level and rate of urbanization, the higher amount of solid waste produced.There are hazardous waste too which is a extremely big risk for human health and bad for the environment.


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