Common Core

UDL Task #3

Has moving to the CCSS been challenging and/or easy for you?

"For me, moving to Common Core has been smooth transition":
  • The only challenge has been finding the time to implement it into every lesson.
  • I focused on reading and math first.
  • My teaching philosophy matches up closely with the Common Core expectations, so I welcomed the change.
  • I was willing to put in the additional time to see the evidence of the Common Core in my lessons.

Do you have the Professional Development in regards to the Common Core? If so, what kind?

"Common Core professional development was offered to our staff through Harford County":
  • I took full advantage over the summer and through the school year of the voluntary common core workshops in the areas of math and reading.
  • My team and I also spent time last year using our independent professional development time studying and applying the common core standards to our lessons.
  • I have also invested in professional literature that support the use of common core in the classroom.

What resources do you find helpful?

  • The reading specialist in our school
  • Last year I took advantage of being able to plan once a week with the gifted and talented teacher who co-taught with me last year
  • Team collaboration
  • Text: "Getting to the Core of Writing;" "Core Six;" "Reading with Meaning"


  • We have talk a lot about implementing the Common Core into math and reading; how does the Common Core affect expectations in other areas such as science and social studies?
  • How much of the Common Core will be the same when we start teaching?