My Dream Car

By: Daniela Guerrero

Make: Maserati Model: Ghibli S

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Interior- The interior color of this car is dark red. Stitching on seats and dashboard. These two features really speak to me because I have always wanted a car with the dark red interior color with a nice elegant and sleek look. The stitching detail makes the care that much more graceful.

Exterior- Frame less door windows. LED lights. Radiator grille. Exterior color of car is Maroon. I love all of these exterior details but most of all I like the color, Maroon color has always caught my attention. The LED gives a sleeker look to the entire car from the outside.

Technology- 410 HP V6. 2.79 litre Twin Turbo V6. 410 Horsepower. Skyhook electronic system. These features really caught my attention because I have always wanted a car that is fast and this car is moderately fast.

Estimated Price


Projected Vehicle Payment

120 months, $800 a month, 1.99% interest rate per year.