Environmental Engineers

By: Valentina Krasiy

What Environmental Engineers Do

Environmental engineers do many thing to make sure that our earth stays healthy, and prevent pollution and other stuff from harming our earth. They make things like wind mills, solar panels and recycling techniques. Many of these things make/conserve energy, reproduce old products, and reduce pollution, all involve saving our environment. They not only work with land, but with water too, they find new ways to get pollution out of our water. Remember the oil spill? Well environmental engineer make sure that nothing like that happens again. Of course it's not always based on these engineers to make our earth healthier. Us people are a big part of taking care of our earth too, and if people are reckless with this kind of stuff you can really do some damage, and all those things that the engineers made won't even matter.


The average environmental engineers makes about $7,086 per month and approximately $80,036 per year. Isn't that a pretty good salary?

Where Environmental Engineers Work

Environmental Engineers can work in several places. They usually work in offices thinking, researching, and sketching out there ideas, but sometimes they do go outdoors to preform experiments and observe things.