A picture is worth a thousand words

zohar arad

my picture :

In my picture we see me climeing on a ladder and picking a lemon.
This picture was taken in the old Nhalet Yhode by my good friend Lin in mother's home.
In my background we see a lot of trees and green flowers.

I love to be in nature or even use it to produce such beautiful pictures and This one of my pictures in nature.

The reason to choose her was :

I chose this picture because it is kind of a symbol of fertility for me.

The greenis symbolizes for me the color of joy, the color of a new beginning and fertility.

All vegetation in the background improved the picture because it gave us kind of a world view like of growth and development.
Green color symbolizes the protection and security for example Green were also the symbol of the environment and is also a strike - the weapons of Israel with Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.
Finally I chose this picture because it symbolizes a lot to me ​​and is a beautiful picture.