Alcoa Intermediate

Purpose and Intent

The AIS Communities will create a unified, trusted culture among the students and faculty of AIS. Students and teachers will be placed into one of three communities within the school. The three communities are all named after communities of Alcoa and have positive character attributions tied to them. These communities will foster a sense of belonging and encourage positive LEADER character traits for all students. Students and teachers can earn points for their community by exhibiting exceptional behavior and leadership qualities. When a community reaches their benchmark for their earned points, they will receive a community reward. The community with the most earned points at the end of each semester will be crowned Community Champions.

Community Information


  • Every community will consist of a range of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students and teachers.
  • Students will be placed in a community at the beginning of their career at AIS, and they will live in that community during their time at AIS.
  • At the beginning of the school year, our school will meet at the Alcoa Football Field and students will see their name on the jumbotron placing them into one of the three communities.
  • Community members will cheer for each student when placed in their community.
  • Older students may help mentor and acclimate younger students to the school and community.


  • Students will research their community origin and create their crest, mascot, and chant specific to their community.
  • Students will meet with their communities and participate in enrichment activities related to the topic of study within our school.
  • Peer mentoring may occur across grade levels.
  • Leadership qualities will be taught yearly in communities
  • 3rd Grade: Confidence, Humor, Common Sense, and Motivation
  • 4th Grade: Enthusiasm, Creativity, Compassion, Appreciation
  • 5th Grade: Resilience, Balance, Adventure, Reflection