Reduce Wasted Energy


Save the Earth

The problem that we have with energy today, is that much of the energy that is being poduced is being wasted. A lot of the energy we use is formed from unrenewable resources. Nuclear fission makes this Earth threatening process possible. Nuclear fission is the process in which particles from the earth are broken down into smaller particles. Those particles are then used to create energy.

Ways To Save Energy

There are many ways to save energy. One way to save energy is by using energy efficient light-bulbs. These kinds of bulbs use less energy while in use than a regular light-bulb. Natural lighting also works great. It doesn't use any electricity. All you would have to do is open your curtains! Solar panels are another great way to save energy. Solar panels convert sunlight into energy that can be used anywhere within the solar panel's proximity. Computers and fax machines are also a big energy waster. When they are on, only about half of the energy that is being put into a computer or fax machine is being used. To prevent that much electricity from being used, all you have to do is shut it off when it isn't in use. Saving energy is easy!!!!