Young people careless on media

by dominique

Are teenagers really careless about online privacy?

the government studies found 91% of the 12-to-17-year-olds it surveyed post photos of themselves (up from 79% in the last such survey, in 2006) and 24% post videos. Another 91% are happy posting their real name, 60% their relationship status, 82% their birthday, 71% the town where they live and the school they attend, 53% their email address and 20% their mobile number (compared with 2% in 2006).

my opinion

in my opinion I think teenagers should be more aware that what they post on social media sites can be looked at. maybe sometime in the future their employers can see what they


my survey

with my survey that I took of a class of teenagers to see which social media is used the highest are Facebook and YouTube.