Art I Module 16

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Three dimensional media has 3 dimensions commonly called length, width, and depth (or height).

You will be using UNITS to make your Linear Sculpture. That means you need three pieces for every unit. For example, your unit could be a triangle of three toothpicks. Then you need to make 9 units total, so that would be 27 toothpicks, each glued into units of three. Your sculpture needs to be free standing - it can't be held by the wall or laying flat on the table. It must stand by itself. Always use neutral backgrounds and ground for your sculpture.

Your virtual sculpture should not be a house. It should be something more interesting, and show three views.

Your Goldsworthy Sculpture should be carefully thought out and use the elements and principles of art. Look at the Goldsworthy video. It shouldn't just be some rocks thrown together. It should make some sort of pattern and contrast and create a visual illusion. Use the knowledge you have gained this semester to be creative with this.

Mini doc Matt Gagnon: Geometry of Light
Theo Jansen :: Kinetic Sculptures
River and Tides [1] > Andy Goldsworthy


Alexis S - Architecture

Nice use of color and textured paint to create three dimensions, Alexis! I love the little details like the flag and the gate. Effective use of perspective to show a sense of depth.
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Due Dates

Module 16 Due Jan 2 for Fall 17.

Module 8 Due Jan 2 for Year Long.

I will have a live class on Module 16 Tuesday at 6pm.

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