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Never Enough

Chicken is brown

Chicken is rough

One piece of chicken

Is never enough








Never ending goodness

Brandon's Delight

Grilled chicken steaming

Rosemary, broth, minced garlic
Chilled Arnold Palmer

(Unknown Title)

Be it known as convenience food, junk food or munchies;

whether spicy, melt-in-your-mouth soft, or crunchy,

food, inglorious food, seduces with ease

and ensnares with the emptiest of calories.

Disguised as a comfort food comes macaroni

with creamy Alfredo and kin, Fettucini,

To not be outdone, spaghetti entices

with large fattening meatballs and sauce rich in spices.

“Deep fried” knows our weakness for fat, which gives pleasure

and saturates fast foods, it seems, in great measure:

KFC (finger-licking), batter-fried fishes

and chicken fried steaks -high cholesterol dishes.

Even fruits will attack with enjoyment unhealthy

as tarts, pies or pastries. That apple is stealthy!

Veggies can also be treacherous things

in guise of corn fritters and gold onion rings.

Too much of a good thing is pizza (so cunning,

so meaty, so cheesy), which no one is shunning.

The taco, burrito, and big burger too

in great numbers descend on us. What can we do?

Those delectable luscious desserts that we eat

have only to sit there; we cannot retreat!

Candies and chocolate, our decadent sin,

sweetly defeat us. We simply give in.

Ice cream, a smooth foe, knows when we are blue.

On a cone or a spoon, it drips, waiting for you.

As a milkshake, a frosty, a sundae or float,

or between split bananas, it sure floats MY boat!

Buttered popcorn is one salty foe, and we love it!

The hot dog implores in our mouths that we shove it.

Baked bread, so alluring, entraps with its scent,

which wafts through the air as if heaven sent!

The standards of junk food -America’s pride -

crisp bacon and nachos, chips and foods fried,

invade our malls’ food courts and lurk high and low.

Their smells overwhelm us wherever we go!

We might try but we can’t make our junk food desist.

For only the health nuts can dare to resist.

In the war with inglorious food I adore,

I say, Bring it on! Here’s my plate; I want more.

~Suzanne Delaney

Matt Peterson 6

Struttin' With Some Barbecue - jazz trio by Matt Peterson 6