The Frosty Truth

Katie Uhlaender, Skeleton

History of Skeleton

Skeleton is a winter fast speed sport that an individual person rides a small sled down a frozen track lying down head first. The first appearance was at St Moritz Games were there was only men competing. At the 109th IOC Session, at Seoul in June, men and women were included in the competition of the Salt Lake City 2002 Games. The races would take place on the same track as the bobsleigh and luge events.

Who is Katie Uhlaender

29 year- old, Katie is American skeleton who has competed since 2003. A member of U.S skeleton team. She grow up in Breckenridge, Colorado but has a farm in Kansas. Katie is a farmer, she works on her father's cattle ranch, when she is not competing. Her inspiration comes from her father. Katie says " He never let me win at anything, and taught me to work for everything I got. If you weren't an athlete in our family, you weren't cool. It was a matter of honor.” To learn more bout Katie Uhlaender click on the link below.

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