By:Nico Sanchez,Joey Graf,Hector Crespo

How It Helps Students

This app helps students because it gives them a reminder about their homework. Whenever your at home and forget your homework you can use this app to remind you what your homework was. It makes students more organized too.

Examples on Using it

You can use the app to remember homework. You can use it to whenever you need to take a quiz or test. It gives you a reminder too on your phone about the assignments. Teens and adults are always on their phone and this makes it easier for them to remember.

Pro And Cons of myHomework


The Pros are it can remind you of the assignments. It makes you more organized. You can also add classes and put the different homework assignments for each subject. The cons are many teachers don't use the app. There are not really that much cons to this app. We think it is a very good app.

WIll You Continue To Use The App

Yes we will continue to use the app because it helps us get organized. Whenever we can't think of our homework assignments we go to this app and this will tell us. It's a very good app that we will all continue to use.