United Kingdom

By: Olivia Ann Beeler

So if your on your way to the United Kingdom, here are some things you should do while your there!

First of course, you have to get to the United Kingdom. Studies recommend that if your going to the United Kingdom, you should go by plane because it's a long ways away.

In the UK, they have the same seasons that the United States of America has.

So, Spring lasts March,April, and May,Summer lasts June, July, and August, Autumn lasts September, October, and November, and Winter lasts December, January, and February.

In the Summer, the temperature is normally 9-18 degrees Celsius (48-64 degrees Fahrenheit), occasionally the temperature will climb up to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), In the Winter, the temperatures will reach 2-7 degrees Celsius (37-45 degrees Fahrenheit), but the temperatures will normally drop to 0 degrees Celsius (36 degrees Fahrenheit)!

One of the things that are very popular in the UK is there Fish and Chips. Now you may be thinking of the chips you know and love, potato chips, but did you know that the UK calls their French Fries chips! So fish and chips are just fish an french fries.

If you have a sweet tooth though, then the UK would recommend that you try there famous deep fried Mars bar! Its just a Mars chocolate bar deep fried and let me tell you, the reviews on that deep fried Mars bar was that it was DELICIOUS!!!

Are you just at the UK for there main attractions? Well, if you are then you should definitely go and stop by the Big Ben, London's iconic time piece, the Tower of London, the medieval housing of the crowned jewels, and should stop at the Stonehedge, the prehistoric standing stone circle.

In the UK, instead of using dollars, they use pounds, so our American $1.00 equals the UK's $0.69 and our $100 equals there $69.44!!

Unfortunately, when you go to the UK, you have 2 choices: 1. You use a Visa or a Mastercard as your money or 2. You bring American money and trade it into a ATM machine and get British money. Whatever you so choose!

Instead of saying " Thank you" what you need to say when you go to London is what they say instead of thank you," Cheers"!

Something else that could be useful is instead of saying "How do you do" the British people say "Whatgwan"!

Need any more information? If so, call 1-800-UK-3459


you can email UKinformation@yahoo.com