By Luisalberto Castaneda,Tyler Roland

Capital, Major languages, and more.

The main capital of Russia is Moscow. The major languages are Russian, German, French, and English. The location is northern Europe and northern Asia. The population is 143.5 million people and life expectancy is 70.46 years.

Geography, climate, and culture

The top three major cities are Moscow, Kazan, and St. Petersburg. The average temperature is 73-86 degrees Fahrenheit.The culture includes pop, rock, jazz, bard, via, hip hop. They eat the veggies, dough, all kinds of soup, wheat. They have the following holidays Christmas, victory day, new years vacation. There government is a limited type and there religions are Russian Orthodox, Muslim, and Christian.

Interesting facts

There native animals are brown bears, the Amur tiger, the grey wolfs, and viper.

They have some unusual laws some of them is illegal to brush your teeth more than twice a day and anyone not willing to work a 16 hours day will be thrown in prison. So of there heath issues one is cancer and cardiac diseases.