Ferson Creek

Returning to In-Person Learning

From the Principal...Kristy McKnight

We are thrilled that your children will be returning to in-person learning! Below you will find lots of information regarding our procedures while we are in-person. I know it is A LOT of information, I just wanted to you to have everything you needed to make the return to school as seamless as possible!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Looking forward to seeing your children soon,

Kristy McKnight

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Here you will find specific procedures regarding our arrival procedures. Please be sure to access this information prior to your first day of school. Part of this arrival plan includes having most classrooms use their exterior doors for classroom access. Below is a map of the building which will allow you to see where your child’s classroom is located. Another item referenced in these procedures is a name placard. To help expedite our dismissal process, we are asking that those choosing to pick up their child have a name placard visible during pick-up. It can be placed in your window, on your windshield, or attached to the underside of your passenger visor. Placards will be sent home with your child during their first week of attendance.

Here you will find specific procedures regarding our dismissal procedures. The traffic flow is different than in the past, as there are two pick up locations. Please view the map included in the document for a visual of the procedures. We are asking that you treat dismissal as a pick-up window. Not every car can, or should, be here at 1:40. Cars coming to pick up students should be here from 1:45-1:55. Arriving after 1:45 will allow you to miss the bulk of our traffic, and is recommended.

In order to help our daily procedures, we ask that you complete this form. This will help us know your child’s daily dismissal plans. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to make arrival and dismissal as safe and efficient as possible.

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Big picture

Student Self-Certification

Please remember to follow our two step certification process by completing both the online form and by signing the luggage tag prior to your child arriving at school.

  • Step 1: Log-in here, using your HAC credentials. Answer the questions honestly. If you receive the green "you are good to go" screen, your child is clear to come to school. You do not need to print the green ticket.
  • Step 2: Initial your child's luggage tag (that we will be providing you) signifying your completion of the online form.

We will be providing every student with a luggage tag and a weekly dated insert. This tag should hang on their backpack and serves as a quick way for teachers to check that children have been certified, prior to them entering school. Children who are not certified will not be allowed in school until they are certified. Teachers will have the students replace the weekly insert on Fridays, prior to them leaving for the day. If your child is absent on a Friday, feel free to just flip the previous week's insert over, date and initial it, and we will replace it with a new tag when they return to school.

If your child does not have a luggage tag yet, we will provide one on their first date of attendance.

Extra Extra!

As we will be wearing masks most of the day, it is important that your child packs at least one, if not two, clean masks in their backpack. If their mask gets wet or dirty, we want to make sure we have a new one for them to use. Keeping a baggie of extra masks in their backpack will help tremendously during the day!

With that, we are trying to limit unnecessary trips to the nurse's office. Frequently, students need an extra shirt or pants because of a spill or getting dirty outside. I am suggesting that all students pack an extra change of clothes in a labeled ziplock bag to keep at school. This way, if they are in need, we have a quick change of clothes ready to go and they won't need a trip to the nurse's office.

School Materials

Please be sure your child brings back all of their school materials. This includes:

  • Math manipulatives
  • Math workbooks (they do not need the books from the already completed modules)
  • Assignment notebook
  • Handwriting books

Your child's teacher will let you know what schools Supplies they should bring in. Due to space, some supplies were being left at home. If you have any questions about what your child should bring, please reach out to their teacher.

Lunch Procedures

1st-5th grade students eat in the cafeteria and the gym, These spaces are set up for socially distanced eating, with 6 feet between all students. In the cafeteria, students have 3 students per table, while in the gym each student is seated at an individual student table.

Only one grade level eats at a time, with two classes in each setting. With class sizes range from 14-17, the spaces do not exceed the 50 person maximum, even with the inclusion of the supervisors.

Students have the option to order hot lunch if they choose. Additionally, students may order a grab and go breakfast that will be sent home with them at the end of the day, to enjoy the next morning. Because of our food program, both lunches and breakfasts are currently free for all students who order.


Elementary students will not be allowed to eat in the classroom during instructional time. Teachers may provide a break, including while outside, for students to eat a snack.

I am also suggesting flip top/straw water bottles. These typically prevent spilling and are easier to access with masks.