The Buzz...from the Busy Bees

Mrs. Slominsky's Class 2015-2016

May 2-6

Hello Busy Bee Families,
Wow! It is happening. It is really May, and the last month of school. This week we'll be spending some time assessing and reviewing skills learned this year. We'll start our week with Makerspace Monday. What we are making is a surprise! We have a Civility assembly on Tuesday with Mrs. Magers and Mrs. Roffers, we have some great science experiments planned and we'll have several visitors coming by to check out what we're doing with IGNiTE. You know - just a normal week in the Busy Bee hive. I did not do a May snack calendar on purpose. We have lots of leftover snacks that we'll be eating up over the next few weeks. One item I could use for our pollination experiment is a bag of Cheetos - puffs or regular. Let me know if you are wiling to donate.

It's going to "bee" a great week!

Mrs. Michelle Slominsky

Reader's Workshop

This week, we'll be reading a book called A New Seed Grows. We'll learn to pick out the main idea and key details of a text. We'll also work on the sounds the /ow/ chunk makes. Long o like in grow and /ow/ like in town.

Writer's Workshop

This week we'll be working on a very special opinion piece (you'll see the final results at the end of the week). When writing an opinion piece, we'll work on making sure that we support our opinions with reasons. We'll use several books as examples. Help your child prepare for opinion writing by talking about opinions at home. For example, what is your favorite meal and why? Which book is the best and why?

Math Workshop

For both grades this week, it is all about reviewing. Some of the skills we'll review are: skip counting (5's and 10's), patterns, creating and interpreting graphs, addition sums of five and ten, solving word problems, etc. A great **FREE** site that has tons of fun games that go along with our learning at school is Click on your child's grade level or grade level on which you think they are working. Have fun exploring some great games together!

Content/Language Workshop

This week we'll be learning all about the physical structures and needs of plants. We'll experiment with what happens to plants when they don't get what they need. We'll dissect a plant to get a closer look at all its parts. We'll even do a fun experiment where we act as the bees to find out more about pollination.
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