Friday Newspaper

23rd of August 2013 Shannon Ah Van


On the 19th of Augugst ,

5 days ago ,4 people missing after traveling the streets of Claymore in a black van (very suspicious) A boy named Fred who was with the 4 people Stephan, Lorenzo,Tristian and Ken.

It is said that Fred (who was driving the van) had stopped on the bridge beause they had saw a toodler in the middle of the street, (why would a toddler be in the middle of the street for) Fred stepped out of the vehicle to ask the toddler to move, then it turned out to be a midget (what this isn't making any sense but...).

Later, while Fred was talking to the midget who was trying to sell drugs to Fred (a midget selling drugs, that's the first time i have heard that one) a bus suddenly comes out of nowhere hits the van (What! how can a bus come out of nowhere they should've at least heard the bus coming) then the van starts swerving falls off the bridge and into the river of Claymore springs. It was later reported that the reason the bus had ran into the van was because it was trying not to run into the midget. (if it wasn't for midget the incident would not have happened).

We also had found out that when the bus had swerved the midget that was reported in the story had ran away due to the fact that he had caused the crash or was either doing an illegal thing selling drugs to people.

We were recently told that the 4 people who were in the incidient had scattered safely either together or alone. The police are still investigating the scene if any recent information about the incident we will defiantly send it out.