Updates about ALPHA from Mrs. Casey

We Need Fans!

For our ALPHA showcase, we need fans to inflate our bubble biomes. If you have one that we may borrow, please let me know.

Grades 3-5 ALPHA Field Trip

On Monday, May 4, your 3rd-5th grade ALPHA student will be going to Phil Hardberger park for a field trip. We will start out at Kay Franklin ES about 8:45am and then head to Scarborough ES. We hope to be back at school by 1:30. Students should wear tennis shoes like they would wear for PE. All but two students from Kay Franklin indicated that they will be bringing their lunch from home. The beautiful weather is expected to continue through Monday. Note: Monday's field trip will be your child's ALPHA day for next week.

Grades 1-2

Your 1st and 2nd graders are working on their research of an endangered species and are doing a fabulous job. Please ask them what their animal is that they are studying in class. They'll create a QR report to share during the ALPHA showcase.

Next week's class will be extended and we'll eat lunch together. Kay Franklin's ALPHA students will meet on Tuesday instead.

Save the Date!

Our annual ALPHA showcase is coming so mark your calendars now! Kay Franklin's will be on Tuesday, May 12 @ 6:00pm and Scarborough's will be Thursday, May 21 @ 6:30. During the showcase, you'll see the 1st/2nd graders endangered species creations and the 3rd-5th graders bubble biomes. You'll also have a chance to view the work created during the course of this year's study of biomes.

What to Read Next?

With summer approaching, many gifted students want to devour books even more. Scholastic has a great way of finding what to read next based on interest and reading level. Check it out:


All classes have been introduced to the Hour of Code Check out what your child has been doing to learn a new language--how to make computers talk. Your child is the first generation that will grow up with the types of devices that we all own and there is a great need for people to create the language to make the devices "talk." Here are the links to your child's coding page:

Franklin 1st/2nd grade page:

Franklin 3rd grade page

Franklin 4th/5th grade page

Scarborough 1st/2nd grade page

Scarborough 3rd grade page:

Scarborough 4th grade page

Scarborough 5th grade page

ALPHA Look Fors...

Note: ALPHA schedules will change during the weeks of STAAR testing. Watch your child's ALPHA newsletter for upcoming changes. Please have your child remember their ALPHA binder on their scheduled class day and sign their weekly newsletter. Here is our schedule as a reminder:

Kay Franklin ES
Monday: 1st/2nd/3rd grades
Tuesday: 4th/5th grades

Scarborough ES
Wednesday: 1st/2nd/5th grades
Thursday: 3rd/4th grades