19 days untill STAAR!!!

This week in class...


This week in math students will continue to review for STAAR. This week, students will be playing jeopardy, taking a timed STAAR test (in order to help build stamina), and completing a math skill rotation. Your students have been working extremely hard and we are very proud of them. Attached below is the Jeopardy game so that you can play at home!


This week in Science students will be continuing to learn about the 8 planets in the solar system. They will be participating in a scavenger hunt where they must find clues hidden around their classroom to answer questions about Outer Space. Students will be using their knowledge from Language Arts to write an acrostic poem about their favorite planet. Ask your students about their solar system bracelets that they will make this week.


This week in Reading, students will continue to review for STAAR through Jeopardy and other games. Things to review with your students are

  • summary
  • inferring
  • sequencing
  • main idea
  • theme
  • text features
  • context clues
  • vocabulary

I would like to put emphasis on inferring and vocabulary. Attached below is the review jeopardy game. The Tic-Tac-Toe will be a separate attachment.


Students will continue to revise and edit their research papers.


This week's innovator is Louis Pasteur.