Geography and Globalization

By: Liam Robinson


People live where they do because their brain controls them. They can either handle the weather and climate or they can’t. If they want to live where they want and be happy, they need a job to make the money. A society grows like a human body. It expands and expands at a slow rate or fast rate depending on the agriculture. In some societies it will hurt them bad or it make them stronger and progress more money for the society. People just aren’t willing enough to take a risk and try a new society because it will go great or go horrible. Globalization affects where people live because of the money you get from jobs. Many people around the world make a very small profit towards them and their family. Some people work for hours and hours and they only make little money. Why people live where they do is because they want to interact with people or be around technology. Why people live where they do also has to do with their environmental skills and human ability with jobs and such. How people live where they do is because of the money they make and how the reality works with pay. It also requires how much work you’re willing to do to have a nice shelter, food, protection, etc.

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The transfer of goods and services between country to country has many problems, but one includes timing. The goods take an average week if its on a boat like most of it is. Many people are saying that the ship isn't big enough to carry all the food necessary for the human consumption. Basically the food is being processed in a war zone and could get damaged or brought to the wrong ship. Industries are starting to make their own products in their own potential area because of shipment time. Planes carry food and clothing but it can't carry enough for over a million people. Stores have the out of stock thing because the people all around the world aren't making useless things fast enough for us greet American's. Some solutions are making product in own area, getting off our butts and doing our own dirty work, stop being so lazy, supply more ships, and help transport food to potential areas. They can also reduce poverty more so people can stop being poor and have a family. To do this we need to start a rebuttal or form an alliance with the world and demand or needs. There is more than one person that needs this help and they can work together to get what they want. We need to also reduce integration and this can be fixed by writing petitions. To shut down the industries we, us americans can give some ideas to the government or other people to shut down the industries for doing something wrong.


My Life with Geography and Globalization.

My relationship with Geography and Globalization is both ways. I agree with Globalization and how the world is being ran with industries and I dislike it. The world should all be free and make more money for their families instead of buying useless stuff for yourself. Geography is not good because the way us Americans force people to make things for us is rude and disrespectful. Some people have families as well, the world doesn't revolve around American's. This unit impacted my life a lot past, present, and soon to be future. in the past I didn't event think about how much people worked just to make the stuff I eat and wear. It also influenced on how much they make for there family.

My family works to keep this house clean and running but we don't work as much as others. Right now I'm thinking about how much i really need this stuff, why not save the creators a breath and stop buying junk. I'm starting to cut down on things I don't need to give the people a break, you should too. The future hasn't affected me yet and I don't know what to think will happen. It will all come to me soon and I will realize what this all means to the world. In 15 years, I will completely understand Globalization and Geography. My life will be made to cherish the products people made for us because they put so much effort everyday into the stuff we wear and use. I would like to develop a plan to give the people that make things for us a better life and more pay. They deserve more for what they do, putting sweat and blood into the stuff we wear and useless materials. When I have a child and he/ she will learn this stuff, it will be put in a different way. They will learn that industries are starting to help poor people and the environment. It will also show how much work is done now evenly across the world. They will see a huge difference from my time now to their time in the future and they will be happy. I will soon have a job and I will witness and be apart of making my own products instead of forcing people to make things for me. My child will learn that being lazy isn't helping others, but being productive and doing your own work is saving others and giving yourself a life lesson.

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6 Word Geography and Globalization

Industries, Necessities, Shelter, Pay, Jobs, War