Peer Ministry Meeting Agenda

October 21, 2014

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Opening Prayer

Prayer Requests

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Daily Mass Schedule

Tuesday October 21st - Cisco

Wednesday October 22nd - Stacy

Thursday October 23rd - OPEN

Friday October 24th - GROUP

Monday October 27th - Krishty

Friday Morning Prayer

Because we did not have school last week Stephanie will invite someone to do the prayer this week.

If this happens again, we will do the prayer for the announcements on the last day of the week. As per Father Paul's request.

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Sophomore Retreat Materials

Rather than Mr. Alvarado piling everything into his car, we all need to share the load of the retreat materials. Peer Ministers will sign up to get materials and be responsible for bringing said materials to the retreat on Friday. The Retreat Directors will go over a list of all such items needed.

Retreat Attire

What should we wear? Suggestions.

Retreat Dismissal

Those with Academic, Sport related, or other commitments the day of the retreat please inform the directors immediately. Last time there was a big problem with people leaving early without any prior information. Many Peer Ministers informed Mr. Alvarado and the Retreat Directors the day of the retreat, which created more chaos and stress for everyone involved.

We must be committed to our ministry, PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP IT, DO NOT Schedule appointments the day of the retreat. We have known these dates for a while now and we need to be there for the events we put on. Having said that, we do know some things are important and cannot be moved, please see the Directors and Mr. Alvarado today if you have such an issue for this retreat or any other Peer Ministry event in the future.

Mass with Monsignor Wallace Update

The Committee for the Mass with Monsignor Wallace will update everyone on the responsibilities to be shared in order to carry out the mass on October 29th.

Peer Counseling Video

We have completed the script for the Peer Counseling Video, it is entitled: Good Idea Bad Idea. We need people to be part of the cast, we will briefly go over the parts and we will assign parts and schedule times to shoot the footage throughout the coming weeks. Our hope is to have this ready by the Mass on October 29th, so we need to give Mr. Alvarado ample time to edit.

Mass Facts Video

We are going to once again have another Mass Facts Video at the beginning of Mass. We will be having three voice over parts, which Peer Ministers would like to help?

Rosary Ministry

Let's try to promote this via word of mouth, remind your friends, teammates and even teachers of this wonderful ministry.

Committee Break Out

Committees break out and work on Action Items for them to accomplish. Chairs will briefly visit each committee to help them establish the actions items.

Action Item Update

Committees will share what their action items are for the week.

Other Business

Closing Prayer